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nfl wek one

One Unit Plays (1-0)(+1.00 units)
Two Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)
Three Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)

Overall Record (1-0)(+1.00 units)

Sort of forced a little teaser for one unit because I had to bet on the first nfl game of the season…..who doesn’t? Anyway got a little lucky since I teased it up to 12 with the over, but a win is a win and I will take it. Going to try a few things differently this year trying to shake things up some. Here are Sundays picks.

TEASER (-130)……..(three unit play)

Pittsburgh +8½ vs Baltimore
New England +½ vs Miami

I actually like Pittsburgh to win this game, but playing at Baltimore they could easily lose. Only thing for certain is these two hate each other and always play close games. New England is not going to lose to Miami. I do think it may not be the blowout than many are expecting either. I like Miami’s defense, it is their offense (QB) that will cost them many games again this year. I really love this teaser. It is very unusual for me to mix a Sunday game with a Monday game, but I love this combination.

Colts +8½ vs Houston (3 unit play)………….I get sick of hearing how improved Houston is going to be every year. Now with Manning out this is the year they even win the division. Yes Houston is capable, but they are too unreliable to be laying more than a TD unless they were playing a horrible team. I really think the Colts come out and play inspired ball and maybe even get the win. I think this line is a joke that it changed so much after “the news”. I love this game now with all those points and I will be laughing at all the people who over reacted and jumped all over Houston.

Tennessee +2 vs Jacksonville (2 unit play)…………This is more of a play against the Jags. I think when they got rid of their QB at the last moment, they blew their whole season. I don’t imagine their players are real excited about the organization making such a boneheaded move. I don’t think their heads will be one straight for this one. Tennessee not much to brag about either, but I do think they are the better team now and should be favored.

I love the above games, but other than those I am having a hard time finding games to bet on, which is unusual for me. However, I have to have opening day action, so the rest of these plays are for just ONE UNIT with no write ups.

Buffalo +5½ vs Kansas City
Over 41 (-110) Detroit/Tampa Bay
Philadelphia -4 vs St Louis

Depending how much I read from now until tomorrow, I may come back with some additional plays, or upgrade some one unit plays. Even if I don’t I will come back to at least make a pick on the Sunday night game.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/10/2011 05:26 PM

Good Luck Mark