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On 03/23/2012 10:02 AM in General

Parlays,Teasers and Contests!

We are in final testing of parlays and teasers for the sports monitor. If all goes well will put it live Monday. Going to test it thru weekend to make sure no bugs and that its easy enough to understand!

Today we are going to launch a new contest section. To start we are going to have the contest in the forum and in the new contest section.... why? because a couple people testing never can do what a normal user can and I want to get it tested by you.... Also like I said all contests are going to start costing you your points :) so you better be posting!

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
03/23/2012 10:28 AM

Scratch the launch for contests till Monday, this way if any issues Programmers can see any issues same day.

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03/23/2012 10:42 AM

Tracking M/L Parlays will be awesome for baseball season!

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03/23/2012 11:55 AM

I can't wait for this one :)

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03/23/2012 02:23 PM

you guys are the best in contests cant get any better thanks

marksmoneymakers Posts:29935 Followers:142
03/24/2012 07:55 AM

Yes I agree, this will be awesome for baseball season. I can hardly wait!!

thomas Posts:237 Followers:4
03/24/2012 08:55 AM

No one can beat me ... Ha ha!!! I'm a fortune teller :)

bill2266 Posts:1089 Followers:20
03/25/2012 03:07 AM

sounds great, looking forward it

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03/28/2012 06:32 PM

where are the rules posted for the contests since the change? how big of streak is needed to win a cash freeplay?

  • 03/28/2012 06:34 PM

    Hey deadphish - go to "contests" in your drop-down section (top left next to you avatar)
    The streaker is the only active contest - sign up and start making your daily play...rules are posted there as well..

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  • 03/28/2012 06:39 PM

    Or on the main meanu you click Monitor. There is a contest link there. Or Click Here

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deadphish Posts:739 Followers:4
03/28/2012 09:03 PM

i see it there now...wasnt there earlier. what is the prize for streak of 7? is it the same for longer streaks as it was b4?