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On 03/14/2012 05:00 PM in NCAA Basketball

Take a 13 and a 14 seed in the second (first) round

More interesting odds tidbits as you fill out brackets.....

Again from 5Dimes -

A #14 seed wins a game is put through S. Dakota State, BYU, Belmont or St Bonny's...
A #13 seed wins a game is -240 or lesser odds which I find really strange since I think any of the 4's other than Michigan have a decent shot at losing....but anyway put through NM State, Montana, Davidson or Ohio....

Sorry I just think it's stupid that the Thursday/Friday games are now the "second" round....but what the hell do I know? LOL...

Good Luck with your brackets everyone!!

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03/14/2012 05:46 PM

Well since these play-in games have materialized they have to call them the 'opening round', but technically speaking for 2 teams out of 64 this is round 2 although why not just create an additional game in each region. That way you can have it fixed at 72 teams where nobody has to play an extra game to determine their March madness early fate.

FWIW I have only one #13 Ohio upsetting #4 Michigan with no #14's upsetting any #3's. However I do have several 12's upsetting #5's in VCU over Wichita St and Long Beach St over New Mexico St.

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