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Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks

NBA BASKETBALL: Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks 3/5 2AM GMT+8

The Boston Celtics need to prepare for a double-dose of "Linsanity" come Sunday as Jeremy Lin and theNew York Knicks come to town. Lin remains one of the more popular players since his step into the limelight while leading the Knicks in some hard fought battles. Add the fact that Lin is a Harvard graduate and the city of Boston's interest in this game just got bigger.Jeremy Lin of the New York KnicksWikimedia Commons

The Celtics are not a team that buys into the hype, despite the excitement of the fans for this game. For the team, it is a rivalry game they must win as they battle for a spot in the NBA playoffs that are just over a month away.Unlike past season when the Celtics have dominated the boards, Boston has the worst rebounding average in the NBA at 39.2 per game. But on a positive note, the Celtics have allowed the third-fewest points in the league at 88.6 per game. Boston is second best in field-goal percentage against allowing 41.7, and also second in three-points made allowed with 4.8 per game.

Boston Celtics -- 1.920

New York Knicks -- 1.960

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rondo was awesome yesterday