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03/02/2012 09:24 PM

Wow, first JB asks me to come out of the closet and then he does National Esquire on me and leaves me out to dry. lol

Yeah American Idol. No its not the conference tourneys, no its not March Madness. I dont watch baskets for the most part until we get to March. Having watched every football game from September thru January every night, day and moment of the week after the Super Bowl I basically sit back and catch up on Tivo and spend some quality time with the wife.
Being in a cast and unable to get around its come down to Idol.
Im man enough to admit it.

All I know I watch enough shows from history channel, discovery and travel channel and most every true crime stuff available. And I am aware how to get rid of a body with absolutely no evidence, no dna and no evidence whatsoever. Just saying JB. Just saying. :)
New Mexico is a pretty good state to get it done but its available most anywhere.

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