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On 02/27/2012 03:56 PM in NCAA Basketball

93% Winners in the last 5 Months!

Making my picks based on this awesome program I use.  They claim to hit 90% but I have tracked 93% of my bets as winners since I have been using it.  I use this Check It out if you want!!

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02/27/2012 04:10 PM

Welcome Hbop - please no URL links - would love it if you post some of those winners!

  • All Time Record: 2158-2163-57
  • Last 7 Days Record: 9-6-0
  • Last 30 Days Record: 45-50-0
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02/27/2012 04:50 PM

Ok will do how do I help people to get toy site and use the program?

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02/27/2012 04:50 PM

Sorry I meant get to my site

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02/27/2012 05:02 PM

if you know the formula please post as i would be interested in seeing it

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02/27/2012 05:11 PM

I am not sure of the formula.

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02/27/2012 06:31 PM

93%? Nothing like going over the top to get people to a website.

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