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On 02/21/2012 01:52 AM in Soccer

Tours Vs Le Havre

FRANCE LIGUE 2: Tours Vs Le Havre 2/22 3AM GMT+8

Tours dont know how to lose at home field last couple of games and this looks like another win for them. Le Havre doesnt know for win for 7 games and going to Tours is not the place where they should look to end that series.

Tours also didnt played draw for 10 games now so it is hard to expect they going to do that now. And in that case their win shouldnt be doubtfull. France 2 is also known as home team league so everything guide us to Tours victory.

1x2 odds offered at 12 BET

Tours : 2.12
Le Havre: 3.50
Draw : 3.10

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