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On 02/20/2012 04:22 PM in Other Sports

Check in if you watch/bet Nascar

Last year Crazytrain and I were keeping a Nascar thread going for the season....I plan on posting some info and plays - just wanted to see if anyone else follows or bets it (even if you don't follow it - LOL)..

Unlike any other sport the biggest event for Nascar (Daytona 500) is the first race of the year....

I normally try to find some dog matchups and some top 5 finishers (although the T5 odds last year got a little crazy)....I follow it pretty closely until football season starts - sure wish they could figure out a way to finish up right before foots starts - takes a lot of the lustre off of the chase when they are going up against NFL every Sunday.....

Let's have some fun and try to make some cash!!!

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02/20/2012 04:26 PM

Making her Daytona 500 debut....

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02/20/2012 05:09 PM

I will be watching. Gonna go to Daytona one of these years now that I am only a couple hours away.
Thanks Finance.

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bulldog Posts:932 Followers:9
02/20/2012 09:07 PM

watch it every weekend it is on and always tivo it and watch late sunday night or early monday morning. only play matchups and do not have any picks till I listen to the pit chief for each driver . will put out my plays and some links to listen to some chat with the pit chiefs and also drivers. do not know if a link is okay here,but it is only to espn.

best of luck this season to everyone

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02/21/2012 11:27 AM

Awesome bulldog - look forward to your of luck with the season!

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joelwoods Posts:294 Followers:4
02/21/2012 12:43 PM

I always tivo the race I am a huge fan, Hamlin is my favorite driver. For the Daytona 500 Carl Edwards and Kurt Busch is a pretty good bet for top 5 as Kurt is usually contending for the win and Carl has finished 2nd for the past 2 yrs if memory serves me right not sure what odds came out as though. I don't usually bet on race though for the lone reason I want to bet on Monday and I usually don't watch the race by then. If I find out the results early it ruins the race for me.