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One of the most fun weekends of the year for me....people who have frequented the forums for a while have seen many "systems" for bracketbusters....wanted to see what everyone likes to use and has it been successful?

Or do you just cap the games as normal?

I live in Old Dominion territory and the AD was on the radio this week bitching about the system....apparently the schools get to rank teams that they would prefer to play...ODU has played Butler twice in the NCAA tourney in the last 3 or so years, so they wanted to set up something with them - apparently the teams that have to travel for bracketbusters get a home game the next year against the same team (not as a part of bracketbusters) so ODU wanted to set up a home & home with Butler....all of the details were set, but then apparently ESPN can override the whole deal with their selections of who gets to be on TV...they wanted ODU on TV so they nixed the Butler thing and ODU now has to travel to Missouri State...they didn't find out until last weekend so there was no way to make travel arrangements other than to charter a flight which apparently costs the school $40,000+ totally out of their pocket. Then next year they get a home game with Missouri State who they figure a total of 500 people will show up for...LOL...the AD was seriously questioning whether a TV game (on ESPNU) was worth it...

Sorry for the long post, but I just found the ins and outs pretty interesting....

So how do we cash in on bracketbusters?????

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While most games are relatively capped head to head on paper, I like to focus in on which conferences are matched up with which. If a team needs some signature wins out of a mid-major conference and they have a chance to improve their resume, there are significant factors that come into play like homecourt record as well as how a team has done so far during the non-conference schedule. You might find some intriguing head to head matchups and while there are teams that are expected to make the field of 68, a few signature wins certainly go a long way especially if it is a mid-major subject to getting more than one team out of their conference, or a league that just simply takes their conference tourney winner.

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