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On 02/04/2012 06:26 PM in NFL

Superbowl 46 - Giants vs Patriots! Who You got?

Ok its pretty obvious for me lifelong Giant fan... But I think they have the edge and can exploit the Pats D more anyway... So I am big on them...

How bout yoU?

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02/04/2012 11:12 PM

The big day is finally here!

Totally agree with New York having the edge in this matchup. On the Giants as well.

Wishing best of luck to everyone with your bets! Whatever the outcome of the game will be.

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02/05/2012 10:17 AM

I wish 60% of public wasnt but will roll with them today

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02/05/2012 10:48 AM

Sorry but just locked in NE -3..kept hearing we'd get to -1.5 by game time but it doesn't look like it...just too much love for the G-men all week...I'm going to have a thread with all of my plays up shortly...

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02/05/2012 12:45 PM

I'm a huge giants fan but I am taking the pats today with a small play.

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02/05/2012 06:27 PM

Not to be a braggard or uppity, but just to relate a story.
I have a fortunate situation here, played a decent wager in August on NE to win it all at like 8/1. I am alive in the streaker contest here with 6 wins and also in first in another playoff contest. So I backed off and played the Giants in the contests at + 2.5 and 3. Then Put 16% on them at +3 and even also.
So......I am cashing this one for sure. GL to everyone else and their props. I need FG's tonite for my props, long & plentiful. 4 will work just fine with a 33 yarder from each K.

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