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Thursday Kick-Off Winner


In retrospect, the overall off-season moves by these two teams have put the New Orleans Saints on better ground than the Packers going into 2011. While the Packers have added no qualified personnel, they have also lost LB Brandon Chillar, LB Nick Barnett, OT Mark Tauscher, OG Daryn Colledge, OL Jason Sptz, FB Korey Hall, and RB Brandon Jackson. While the Saints on the other hand have lost DT Remi Ayodele, they added DT Aubrayo Franklin. Saints lost LB Marvin Mitchell, but added LB Will Herring, and LB Curtis Johnson. And, after losing C Jonathan Goodwin, they replaced him with C Olin Kreutz. The Saints also added OT Alex Barron, S Paul Oliver, CB Fabian Washington, FB Korey Hall (From Green Bay), RB Darren Sproles, and LB Curtis Johnson.

We should also note that the Packers did not fill the off-season void left when Cullen Jenkins departed, and that the scheduled replacement, Mike Neal, is listed as a game time decision, and we still don't know his actual status for this game. Also, LB Frank Zombo has been declared out for the Packers. Furthermore, the New Orleans Saints have dealt very well to secure for the loss of Will Smith for this game, as they have picked up DE Turk McBride.

Early look for Sunday: Tennessee Titans +2

NFL 2011: 35-18-2 = 66%
NFL 2012 2-4-2

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09/08/2011 01:57 PM

Good Luck nflman

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09/09/2011 08:29 AM

I liked the Saints also NFLman but could not bet them.Close but no cigar.Right down to the wire. I liked Tenn this week but when I broke the game down it was all Jack. Now I like Tenn next week when they play the Ravens. Have a good season.

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09/09/2011 12:44 PM

Bad play calling there by the Saints negated what should have been a push. Why go for it on 4th down in the 3rd qtr when you could have kicked the field goal? Sean Payton showed weakness there. Either way, I didn't have much $ on this game, no big loss.

NFL 2011: 35-18-2 = 66%
NFL 2012 2-4-2