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02/29/2012 06:35 PM

yesterday 1-1 -.15 season 76-61 +17.78

couple days of break even play hoping to jump the units tonight with i think a strong card

ncaa 1 unit plays
maryland +19
cincy -1
lsu -1
iowa +3

ncaa 1.5 unit play
san diego st -2

ncaa 2 unit play
st johns +11

ncaa 3 unit play
alabama -12

ok might be back with a couple more plays gl e1

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03/01/2012 06:15 PM

yesterday 3-4 -4.30 units season 79-65 +13.48

tough day wed.had the alabama game all wrong,auburn played tough and stayed close the whole game.st johns had a fair first half and fell apart the second half.its not like me to get beat bad on my 2 top picks.got 2 for tonight,nothing big so here goes

ncaa 1 unit play
clemson over 120

ncaa 1.5 unit play
illinois -2

gl e1

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03/03/2012 11:56 AM

season 79-67 +10.73 units

ncaa 1 unit play
pitts +6

be back with much more in a little bit

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03/03/2012 06:22 PM

sorry about not getting back right away.had a few winners too o well still have about 6 games on my card so here goes

ncaa 1 unit plays
tcu +2
baylor +2

ncaa 1.5 unit plays
gonzaga pk -131
idaho pk -152
creighton -5

ncaa 2 unit play
duke +3

gl e1

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03/04/2012 12:45 PM

yesterday 3-4 0.00 units season 82-71 +10.73 units

just a break even day sat.i just cant get that streak going,hoping i am saving it for the conferance and march madness.
got a few games today so lets get to it

ncaa 1 unit plays
arizona -9
va.common -6

ncaa 2 unit play
mich state pk -162

nba 1 unit play
chicago under 181.5

thats it gl e1 and i know i will be back monday with the st marys/gonzaga game.

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03/06/2012 11:36 AM

sunday 1-3 -4.34 units season 83-74 +6.39 units

hi everyone,well it here, the start of the conferance tourneys and this is my make or break time and it has been rough of late but hoping this is when i turn this around.i have 3 games to start this off and 1 is my first 4 unit play.

ncaa 1 unit play
uconn -9
st johns +6

ncaa 4 unit play
nova/rutgers over 136

nova/rutgers 11-1 over last 12------little note on why i like this
gl e1

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03/07/2012 12:04 PM

yesterday 1-2 -4.50 units season 84-76 +1.89 units

wow i am going in the wrong direction,rutgers goes 3-25 the second half so the over in that game is not close.i think i have a good one to start the day but it is a almost 3 to 1 play

texas southern pk -278 3 units texas south.has beat this team twice this year by 12 and 10 and both game were in the last 2 months.with this the start of the tourney cant see how this is not a winner heads up.is a good game to parlay with a team you like today.i need to start somewhere today and i think this is a good game to open with even at these odds

gl e1 be back later with a game or 2

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03/07/2012 04:14 PM

add these plays

ncaa 1 unit plays
texas tech +9
colorado -13
montana pk -216
uab pk -276

2 unit play
lehigh +5

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03/07/2012 08:16 PM

add these

ncaa 1 unit plays
texas tech under 124
toledo under 124
colorado under120

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03/07/2012 08:17 PM

toledo is under 132