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02/22/2012 05:59 PM

add these

nba 1 unit plays
detroit over 186
wash over 203

nba 1.5 unit play
okla city -8.5

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02/23/2012 12:41 AM

tonight 10-7 +1.30 season 62-51 +11.70 units

i was on the plus side for the night,1-1 on the 3 unit plays.the 2 unit plays stopped me from have a good night but thats ok.i still have not had that streak yet but i know it is coming.the good thing is staying on the plus side because when that streak comes the units will jump big time and with the conferance tourneys around the corner and march madness hoping to have a good run.thanks for looking everyone.be back tonight

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02/23/2012 06:21 PM

yesterday 10-7 +1.30 units season 62-51 + 11.70 units

ok i have a full card tonight and a 2.5 unit play

ncaa 1 unit plays
arkansas pk -132
florida st +2.5
cincy -1.5
iowa +5
west.illinois +14
northern arizona +20

ncaa 1.5 unit play
florida atlantic -6.5

ncaa 2 unit play

ncaa 2.5 unit play
eastern washington -1.5

ok thats it,i will be back sat.taking friday off.so gl e1

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02/24/2012 12:35 AM

tonight 5-4 +2.33 units season 67-55 +14.03 units

stayed on the plus side tonight so thats ok.no picks friday be back sat with a full card.

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02/25/2012 12:28 PM

season 67-55 +14.03

hi everyone i have a full card today,about 7 games and a 3 unit play so here goes

ncaa 1 unit plays
okla.state pk -154
vandy +12
st.marys over 145

ncaa 2 unit plays
de paul -1
creighton -1
arizona pk -144

ncaa 3 unit play
colorado st +8

ok thats it for now might have 1 or 2 more later have to see.gl e1

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02/25/2012 01:39 PM

GL Hat... Keep those winners coming :)

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02/25/2012 02:33 PM

add these games

ncaa 1 unit plays
tenn-martin +14
montana st +15
s.alabama +2

ncaa 1.5 unit plays
n.iowa pk -160
tulsa pk -153
ul monroe +13

that should be it for the day.gl e1

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02/26/2012 01:53 PM

yesterday 7-4-2 +4.00 units season 74-59-2 +18.03 units

i should have had a better day sat. to pushes on games i had the lead most of the game and my 3 unit play was up 4 at the half plus was getting 8 and pushed.just 2 games today both 1 unit plays,nothing special

ncaa 1 unit plays
denver +10
oregon +3.5

gl e1

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02/26/2012 01:56 PM

sorry that north texas getting 10 not denver

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02/28/2012 08:13 PM

sunday 1-1 -.10 season 75-60-2 +17.93 units

hi everyone i have two late games for tonight,just not alot out there the last few days that i like but alot of games coming with conferance tourneys starting.

ncaa 1.5 unit plays
vandy pk -162
tcu +8

ok thats it,a little reminder that the next 3 days some game starting around noon time and i am sure that in the 3 days there will be something i like early so give a look if u can.gl e1