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On 09/08/2011 12:38 PM in NCAA Football

college football week two

One Unit Plays (3-6)(-3.75 units)
Two Unit Plays (1-1)(-0.20 units)
Three Unit Plays (2-1)(+2.70 units)

Overall Record (6-8)(-1.25 units)

What a way to end week one with Maryland running back an interception for a touchdown costing me a winning opening week. Oh well, got my feet wet, bet a bunch of games, got a feel for some teams and did not lose a ton of money.

THURSDAY NIGHT…………Taking a pass, just don’t like any side or total.


Missouri +8 vs Arizona State (one unit)………… real reason to take this other than a gut feeling. Missouri usually fields a decent team and I just don’t see AZ State being favored by more than a touchdown. Only one unit though.


Wake Forest +3 vs NC State (3 units)………(-135...bought one point) …..…..I had Wake Forest last week thought I had an easy winner only to get a push. I bought the ½ point which gave me the push. Wake had complete control until their QB when down with an injury. He is listed as probably this week, so it looks like he will play. I think despite the loss, they picked up confidence playing at Syracuse knowing they outplayed them and they will bring that home and get the first win of the year (should be second). Wake is the better team, they are at home and getting points. I mentioned last week how I am going to be buying points this year. The more I think about buying points the more I am starting to like it. In bases you can lay ridiculous odds all the time. I have always tried to not lay more than -150, so laying a little extra to buy in football on key numbers really makes sense to me. This is new for me this year, so lets see how it goes.

Penn State +10 vs Alabama (3 units)……………Bama got away with playing a nobody last week not really knowing who their QB for the year was going to be. They are not going to get away with that so easy this week. Penn State as a home underdog is almost an automatic play for me. Bama has a great defense, but PSU’s is not that far behind them. Bama cannot even make up its mind who is going to start at QB yet, and whoever it is will be overwhelmed playing at Beaver Stadium. There will not be many points in this one. If Bama covers the spread it will be something like 17-6. I also like that fact that there are a ton of people out there who are not giving Penn State a chance. I just feel ten points with a defense like Penn States gives you a really great shot at collecting.

Cincinnati +7 vs Tennessee (2 units)………..(-130.…bought one point)……..Just like the Wake game above, I bought this up to a touchdown even though I think Cincinnati is capable of winning this game. I just feel the Cincinnati football program has made huge strides over the years and at the same time people do not fear Tennessee even at home like they used to. This line being under a touchdown AT Tennessee even tells you they are a live dog. Cincy usually comes up big as a dog as well. I feel pretty good about getting seven.

Notre Dame -3 vs Michigan (two units)………(-125.…bought half point)……I bet against Notre Dame as one of my best bets last week and it was an easy winner. NOT REALLY. On the surface a double digit dog winning outright looked it, but the Irish outplayed them badly but could not hold onto the football. Michigan did just the opposite. The score indicated an easy win, but stat wise it was much more of an even game. In short Notre Dame was unlucky and Michigan was lucky. At first I was shocked to see Notre Dame favored at Michigan, but the more I though about it the more I realized this line is correct and the Irish will win this game. I love Notre Dames head coach and as long as his head does not explode during the game, he will get his first win this year.


Rutgers +10 vs N Carolina
S Carolina -2½ vs Georgia
Utah +9 vs USC
Ball St +20 vs S Florida

Good Luck Everybody!!

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09/08/2011 12:47 PM

Great stuff Mark GL

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09/08/2011 03:22 PM

gl posted with ya on rutgers at +10.5 i got....and i like the bet too best of luck 151

You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.
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09/08/2011 04:39 PM

gl mark on the plays

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09/09/2011 04:24 PM

I can never get it right. I really thought the Missouri line would drop seeing how they are ranked and AZ State is not. Should have waited to put that bet in. Line now up to 9.5. I really have not seen very many people having Missouri stay under ten points in this game, so maybe I am on the right side.