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On 01/24/2012 02:01 PM in NCAA Basketball

here are 2 not 1 gaurentee locks thats right locks

I'm putting this under basketball cause I guess its the most watched ....but seriously I know tennis and I know the odds sometimes suck and they do but if you parlay these 2 locks its not bad at all I promise you if there's a prop bet too to get on like my book has grab it its 99.9% for prop so here no doubt that men's semis winners are Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic I personally have over half my bankroll on.these 2 matches a little over 3.5 dimes and the prop for 500 is Dj winning in straight sets for those who don't know the lingo means 3-0 how can I put this babalou if it doesn't win I will sell an organ and give the proceeds to all who bashes the picks tomorrow ok 50 bucks a post with a ligit beef that's makes me laugh k can I do that ok
Enjoy bet it with half of what you got and have fun watching. BTW. I had Nadal and Federer last night but didn't post cause I wasn't 100% today is 100%

  • 01/24/2012 02:03 PM

    Man spelled guarantee wrong sorry

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01/24/2012 02:23 PM

Good luck Deuce - Bang those Books!!

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01/24/2012 02:25 PM

That's some tough odds.
Laying 5 units on that parlay to win .8 of a unit.

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
  • 01/24/2012 02:36 PM

    It has gone up since this morn I just looked wow at 5 am Murray was 1 to 6 and Dj was 1 to8. Wow doubled almost

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01/24/2012 08:56 PM

Nice to have another tennis person on the site. I too know some stuff about tennis. I agree that Murray should roll. Lendal has done a good job of getting Murray more focused and meaner on the court. Will be interesting to see how long this coach student relationship lasts, hearing that Lendal wouldn't travel to all tournaments with him. I think that Ferrer will put up more fight against Joker then people think. The one thing is with how Hewitt was able to push Joker a little in the match before it could have him more ready to go, and not have the mental let down he di being up a set and 3-0. Ferrer is a pit bull and will make him play shots, it all depends if ferrer is willing to shrink the court and how his leg is feeling. Anyway good luck

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01/24/2012 09:15 PM

Let us know how the plays turn out.

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to