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On 01/21/2012 01:21 PM in NCAA Basketball

sec saturday

go 2-2 on wednesday as cenf fla and georgia win and lose homer play with miss st and also tulsa did not get there.
1-0 triple play
1-0 double play
12-5-1 regular play

604 georgia -3 triple play ole miss real bad away from hump
ga/ ole miss under 122 1/2 regular play
tennessee +3 regular
arkansas pick double arkansas undefeated at home

may be back later with a few more still capping the big card

my 1/2 and 1 point wins and losses for my info as want to see if this evens out for year like they say

13 wins
18 losses

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01/21/2012 05:48 PM

GL today bulldog !