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On 09/07/2011 10:44 AM in NCAA Football

rutgers vs n.carolina

ok..n.car-10.5 o/u 48
1st off rutgers is 4-1 last 5 yrs in road openers...and the home team in this series is 0-3 in the modern era...rutgers winning the last meeting at chapel hill in 2006 21-16...as a 4 pt dog...last year n.car traied 10-0 and 10-7 at halftime, ...and rutgers last 3 drives, they had a blocked punt wich led to a score, and int at the nc 7, and were stopped on downs at the nc 38...so rutger was moving the ball, just seems like they self destructed a few times or they coulda won that game...
they have 9 ret str's on offense, and 5 ret str's on def, while n.car has 6 ret str's on off, and 7 ret str's on def....ats rutgers was not good last year but then they were just 4-8...n.car was nothing special as they were 3-3 at home str up, and they were 4-1 ats vs non conf, and just 2-3 ats as a home fav......
both teams coming off blow out easy wins, im taking the stat that the home team is 0-3 here, ..im going with rutgers+10.5...i think it could go up so im waiting...but that is my pick gl all 151

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09/07/2011 10:56 AM

Good Luck Rum