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On 01/14/2012 01:12 AM in NBA

Time for my annual NBA rant

Ok guys, I do this every year, and I start early in the season (such as it is).
I'll start with the Sacramento Kings. They are MY team, and they suck every year. Why does my team always suck? Fire a coach here and there, trade a player here and there, and they still SUCK.

The lockout:
Why didn't that ever get to the point of no season at all? These fucking thugs make way too much money for what they DO NOT do. Then they bitch about having to go to practice on what they thought was going to be a day off. Boo fucking Hoo......you make milions of dollars a year to play some hoops, and you want to bitch about not getting a day off; What the fuck do you do in the off season???

Miami Heat:
Who in the hell ever said they were the team of the decade?? Looks to me like Lebron (I have my paycheck now) James and Dwayne (nobody's better than me) Wade came up short tonight against Denver. You simple bastards can't win by 4 points against a bunch of white boys? In fact you lose by double digits? Who in the hell do you think you are??
Can you spell C-O-M-P-L-A-C-E-N-C-Y?????? It begins with a SEE you idiots. See???? You aren't as good as you thought you were.

The officials are paid off to beat hell. I have seen so many BULLSHIT calls on the side of the officials in the NBA it makes me want to puke......no wait.....it makes me want shit a basketball. Every time one player touches another player they blow the whistle. And guess what????? It's always against the big named homeys.....it's as if they want to make a statement that "I have control over you" (fill in the big name NBA player here).

Give me the NCAA any day in hoops. At least I know there is some fair playing and officiating in those games. They don't showboat, they want a job and dedication to something other than themselves.

Fuck the NBA.

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01/14/2012 02:50 AM

I've been doing fine early season, but agree, Miami has not been quite as sharp as expected. Denver is possibly the toughest place to visit in the leaugue though. They'll be an average at best on the road, but at home very hard nut to crack once again even for the top teams.

I wouldn't throw up hope on the Kings yet. Kings roster are a lot better than last year. Some fine upcoming young talent and few good veteran role-players. They should improve and might even be fighting for the last playoff spots. Of course, they'll need to gel as a team.

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01/14/2012 04:18 AM

alot 0of unders in totals so far this year