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On 09/06/2011 07:23 PM in General

SPORTSBOOK Rules ?????

I had a 4 team teaser and all four teams covered. One of the teams was West Virginia whose c=game got cancelled in the beginning of the 4th quarter. I figured they would count the result as official or count it as a cancelled game and pay it as a three team parlay. But what they diid was cancel the whole bet and paid ZERO. Is that the rule and what if one of my teams would have lost, would they still have cancelled the bet or wrote it off as a loser. I am starting to not like these off shore book tricks......

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marksmoneymakers Posts:29605 Followers:142
09/08/2011 08:47 AM

I am curious about this as well. I don't know the answer. I would have assumed that it would have just turned into a three team parlay.

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09/08/2011 09:00 AM

All games must be official in a teaser if you had played a parlay it would have went down to a 3 team parlay. And if one of you teams lost it would still be graded as a no play since it was a teaser.

Thats my understanding of it and every book should have there rules on there home page

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09/08/2011 06:56 PM

I misread that. I was thinking it was a parlay all along....not a teaser. I would agree then on a teaser with a game cancelled that the entire bet is cancelled.

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09/10/2011 10:55 AM

yup..........the whole thing is out in thta case. Not that I play a lotta teasers. I do play an NFL pleaser 8-10 times per year, tho, if the 3's are in the right place. I would expects the same for those.

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