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On 01/07/2012 01:22 PM in NCAA Basketball

ncaa baskets 1/07

will post mostly sec games as it is what I study and cap the most. also will keep track of my 1/2 and 1 point wins and losses for season in all games I play just to see what my record is as it seems I lose most of these but will keep track and know.

lsu -4 1/2
lsu over 121
south carolina +21
arkansas +1

record for 2012 on 1/2 1 point games so far 2 wins 4 losses. they say these even out but will see if it does as it seems I hit under 35% of these.

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01/07/2012 02:50 PM

Good Luck Today ! Will be keeping an eye on the SEC plays

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01/10/2012 07:46 PM

pass tonight will have some plays tomorrow