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BTB will kickoff its monthly POD contest starting the first of every month with the first month;

1. To enter is free however you must have a sportsbook account @ BetDSI, or Bookmaker you do not have to fund it but must have it prior to playing, so that any winnings can be deposited into the account.

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2. There is a minimum 15 post requirement for the month. Meaning you must make 15 quality posts other than your daily pick in the Basketball Forums NBA or College. NFL/Football dont count!

3. There are 31 total days (jan) to pick a winner so you must pick at least 20 for the month. So cutoff to start playing is around the 11th depending on games each day, from there you must pick everday. This will be adjusted for February.

4. Lines for the day will be posted as often as possible should a day be missed we will use the final odds for the day from should there be a day when me or a mod cant post them

5. You must pick one and only one play a day. Side or Total. NO Money Lines!!!

6. DO NOT edit your post, if you must make a change then post it again, if the time stamp is prior to the first pick gametime starting it will be excepted.

7. Any other problems I will rule on and setup rules as we go.

8. Ties split

Monthly Pize 1-15 players
First Place 150
Second Place 100
Third Place 50

Monthly Prize 16-30 -
First Place 200
Second 150
Third 100
Fourth 50

The Prize amount will rise once again if we get over 30 monthly players.

playoff Prize: TBD

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01/04/2012 06:01 PM

Rotation numbers along with lines must be posted as well or your play will not count. No exceptions.