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On 01/02/2012 08:27 PM in Contests


1st (39) Chalkeater………(tiebreaker of 44)
1st (39) Bobalou……..(tiebreaker of 44)
3rd (38) Hatman………..(tiebreaker of 47)
4th (38) Deadphish……….(tiebreaker of 41)

(37) Aakj
(37) Jimmythegreek
(36) Shantystar
(34) Nikalibobwa
(32) Kbhirsch
(30) genghis518
(28) Thehitman
(28) Gamblinrose
(27) Bulldog
(25) Cnotes
(24) Trytrytry
(23) Iwutitan
(22) Marksmoney
(20) Mojo822
(20) Miners26
(19) rybomf
(18) Igetp2s
(17) Enzymex
(16) Mcrowe38315
(14) Adam
(03) Hitmen44

Two people tied for first/second place and two people tied for third/fourth place. Actual tiebreaker was 45. Chalkeater and Bobalou both had the same tiebreaker, so I am assuming that the prize for first and second place will be added up and divided by two. Hatman takes third place as his tiebreaker of 47 was closer than Deadphish’s of 41, so Deadphish gets fourth place.

As usual everybody please double check your scores and post right here if you feel a mistake was made and I will take a look at it. Thanks for playing!!

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01/02/2012 11:23 PM

Thanks Mark and Ryan for a great Contest. It was a lot of fun as always :)

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01/03/2012 03:40 PM

ok first mark and ryan,great contest, mark as always a fine job all year grading all the contest.ryan thanks for the contest and to all the winners and runner ups congrads.was a fun year looking forward to the playoffs,should be interesting.