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On 12/31/2011 01:42 AM in Cappers

Free play

Utah vs. Georgia Tech, 12/31/2011 14:00
Point Spread: +2/-110 Utah

What a flat-out HORRIBLE Friday. A loss is a loss. But the way we go Friday, why not just pour some salt in the wound. As long as there is salt, pour some rubbing alcohol on it mixed with lemon juice. BYU scores a TD with 11 seconds left and I score a loser with Tulsa.... A missed Extra Point costs us a win or push with Mississippi State...The Sooners running out the clock on a 4th and 1 bust it for a TD and I drop my Top 10* on Iowa (had ML also) .. And the final nail in the coffin. My Top 10* in CBB, Santa Clara rallies back to lose by 2 and I go down by half-a-point... Oh the Humanity!!!!
We all have won a game or 2 like that in our days. But to be on the wrong side 3 times in 12 hours is very painful. Man, that is a rough night!
My FREE PLAY today will be on the UTAH UTES +2 over Georgia Tech. I tend to fade teams running gadget offenses, especially running ones when there is ample time to prepare.. But then again. What do I know? I just got my ass handed to me.. Not once... Not Twice.. No, not 3 times.. But 4 Times yesterday... It is New Year's Eve. Have a safe and fun night, and while you are at it BURY THE MAN $ Higgs

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