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On 12/25/2011 06:53 PM in NBA

Christmas Day plays for last two games

Woohoo!! The NBA is back!!! And sloppier than ever I might add. I was at the mavs game to watch the banner get raised, but it was almost painful to watch the rest of the game...oh well, hopefully this plays out as Dallas getting Dwight Howard and Deron Williams next year...that's the word on the street. Ha hope everyone has had a great holiday season!

As I have seen all of the totals drop considerably since OPEN...all of the lines have gone over today and it just looks like a slop fest as teams are just running the floor since teams haven't gotten offenses together yet.

I've got OKC over 194, and GState over 207 each to win 4 units.


Good luck.
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12/25/2011 07:09 PM

I'm with you on both picks, the over has hit on every game thus far today!

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