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On 12/25/2011 12:08 PM in NFL

Christmas Day Thoughts

I'd like to wish everyone a WONDERFUL DAY
Full of LOVE, FAMILY, JOY and FUN!

I've got a few open teasers with GBay -4 and N. Orleans -1/2 or Over 46

I am leaning towards G Bay even thought they haven't played up to their caliber lately (Personally I think a lot has to to with injuries). Since G. Bay now has that "perfect season monkey" off their backs, I am hoping they come out swinging. Chicago has problems (Lot of them in my humble opinion) Too many to hope for an over in this game but I suppose it's possible. (and I just don't do unders) Thus the lean towards GBay. (even though double digit lines scare me as well).

Any thoughts would be welcomed :)

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