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Nfl picks

first are the adjusted spreads

MU [15015] ARIZONA -3½+290
MU [15027] NY GIANTS -3½+205
MU [15045] SAN FRANCISCO -7½+215
MU [15051] PHILADELPHIA -3½+175

should be able to win at least 2 to win

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12/24/2011 11:52 AM

[120] CAROLINA -6½-140 (B+1)
[109] ARIZONA +4½-110
[123] TOTAL o52½-110
[115] NY GIANTS +130
[105] DENVER -3+105
[111] TOTAL o48½-110

anyalysis games below

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12/24/2011 11:57 AM


These teams met back on week 1 where SF won 33-17 where SF was able to drive down the field at will, but then stalled time after time in the red zone and ended up kicking 4 FG in game. They were 2 kicks returned for TD's by SF. This time I don't expect a return for a TD and them to be a bit better in the red Zone.

Score Prediction SF Wins 27-17

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12/24/2011 12:09 PM


Arizona is a team who does better at home than on the road which is why they only have 1 win on the road.
These 2 teams are pretty much dead even except on Special Teams where Arizona has a big advantage. Look for at least 1 kick return for 50+ yards. They have 4 Punt returns for a TD already this year. This will be a game of field position where Arizona has the advantage with punt and kick returns and a slight advantage with punters.

Arizona wins 23-17

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12/24/2011 12:18 PM


CAROLINA won the match up at Tampa earlier this year 38-19. SO what if any thing will change in this game. Well, pretty much nothing. Cam threw for only 204 yards last time and should be able to hit that easy. He rushed for 54 yards which he should be right around that again. The only possible change would be red zone efficiency where Cam had 3 rushing TD. Carolina could end up getting a few more FG instead of TD and maybe throws a pick this time around.

Prediction: Carolina wins 31-19

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12/24/2011 12:30 PM


I was actually at the Detroit game last week and you see a lot more when you are actually there. They could of scored 14-21 more points if it was not for dropped passes, but putting up 28 points is not too shabby. Sou was shut down and tossed around like a raggedy doll. He did however come through at the end of the game with a FG block which looked like it was going to be good from 65 yards out. SD has not scored less than 34 points in the last 3 weeks. The reason for SD to start to score more is they have been going to a no huddle offence more often during the game. Which equates to more offence scoring drives. There defense has been doing better because of field position.

Prediction SD wins 34-28

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12/24/2011 12:40 PM


1st interesting stat is that the giants are 3-0-1 against the jets in there last 4 meetings. The big Question on both sides is which team will show up the playoff team or the lottery team. The winner of game should be in playoffs and knock the other out. The giants are by far the better offensive team where the jets are better Definitively. The jets will need to score multiple TD by there def to win. They will probably get one which will not be enough

Score prediction Giaant win 26-20 OT

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12/24/2011 12:44 PM

one tease I like is with Pitt VS St Louis the battle of backup QB's
should be a low scoring game where both QB's struggled when in game earlier in the year when had chance. I see pitt winning on a def TD. Wanted to make be a bit safer just in case I was off a bit

[121] ST. LOUIS +21½-110 (B+9)
[122] TOTAL u43-110 (B+9)

Prediction Pitt wins 13-6

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Key to this game is Int will vick throw them or not. He tends to throw them in bunches and as bad as Dallas DEF has been this year I dont think he will plus when they played earlier this year PHILADELPHIA won 34-7. This time around I believe PHILADELPHIA red zone offence wont strugle where they had to settle for 2 FG of 26,23 yards respectivly.

Prediction: PHILADELPHIA win 42-14

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12/24/2011 12:58 PM


Denver's offence even with a loss last week put up 23 points and most Def struggle against Brady. They were beating them for most of the 1st half and then N.E. offence finally got to them. This week they are playing a struggling Buffalo team. I see lots of FG in this game

Prediction Den wins 16-9