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On 12/22/2011 08:29 AM in NCAA Basketball

thursday college hoops (63-47)

(63-47)(+6.10 units)

1-1 dropping 0.10 units last night. Pretty exciting huh? Working late again, so putting these in now, which I hate doing.

One unit plays…..

Tulane +20 vs. Syracuse
Air Force +16 vs. Gonzaga
Long Beach St -2 vs. Xavier

Good Luck Everybody!!

For those wondering how my record is so good, yet my units are not it is because when I started the season I was doing one, two and three unit plays. Obviously my two and three unit plays did not do that well. Most of my plays are now for one unit, with a few two unit plays thrown in there. More than likely you will not see any three unit plays from me.