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On 09/03/2011 11:23 PM in NCAA Football

overall today 151rum

well awsome day today
n.western+3 winner 3 stars
houston-3 winner 2 stars
ole miss+3 winner 2 stars
s.fla+10.5 winner 1 star
ohio-7 winner 1 star
over 30.5 houston 2 stars
boise st-3 1.5 stars looking good

over 281st half stanf winner 1 star
n.western+3 2nd half winner 1 star
utah st+11 2nd half push
stanf-13 2nd half winner 1 star
ohio u-1 2nd half winner 2 stars

ole miss+3/ohio-7/houston-2.5 parlay winner
teasers..lol lots of them
ole miss+8.5/n.w.+9.5/lsu+9.5 winner
boise +3/col st- .5/n.w.+9 winner
fresno+16.5/ball st+12.5/e.car+27.5/s.fla+17/ohio-.5 winner
boise over 45/lsu over 48/lsu+9.5/and hawaii pk still open..

ole miss over 28.5 1st half 2 stars
ole miss over 56 loser 3 stars
over 27 hawaii 1st half loser 1 star
s fla+7.5 2nd half loser 1 star
ole miss+9.5 over 51 loser 1 star
w.mich+20.5/over 44 minn/houston+5.5/over 54 mich. loser 1 star

so still need hawaii pk to win a teaser..and only other bet in is over 28.5 tomorrow tex am 1st half 1 star
wanna thank everyone for posting, thanks jb on some 2nd half winners

11-3 on 1st half plays this yr hope to keep that going at a nice %
again gl to everyone 151

You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.