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On 12/12/2011 12:52 PM in NCAA Basketball

Question - Brawl

Just curious as to what you guys think. I didn't see the Cincy/Xavier game but I've seen the news footage and the you-tube feeds. It was a mess no doubt. I have read about all the suspensions and I am sure more will possibly happen.

My questions are (if anyone saw it or knows more info than what I've seen): ESPN reports that the Ohio Prosecutor is Considering Criminal Charges. Should this be a consideration? Granted it looked pretty bad to me and we can't tolerate or encourage this type of behavior, but was it to the point of Criminal Charges or was is a heated rivalry game that just got pushed to the extreme? Should the courts become involved or should the universities and NCAA handle the situation?

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12/12/2011 06:51 PM

I agree that it's hard to tell where you cross the line.....that one had to be pretty close though...

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12/12/2011 07:23 PM

It would open up a whole new sports can of legal worms. I mean who is allowed, who is not?? Hockey more or less encourages it and even NASCAR has it's moments. So, prosecutors may have their hands full getting a conviction when the highly paid team hired defense attorneys are showing unprosecuted past hockey "highlights"on the courtroom video screen. Although didn't one hockey player get convicted a while ago?? LIke I said, a new can of worms. Interesting little worms they are, tho

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