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On 09/03/2011 06:00 PM in NCAA Football

col vs hawaii 151

this game is at hawaii, where we all know its a tuff place to travel to and win, time change, jet lague call it what u will,
col has dropped 6 str true road openers by an avg of 20 points, last yr they were 0-5 away..and 0-4 as an away dog...they do have 9 ret on offense and 7 on defense, while hawaii has only 3 on offense and 6 on defense..hawaii was 6-2 at home last yr and 5-1 as a home fav...and with colorado breaking in a new head coach i have to give this one to hawaii, only thing that has me worried is why the line is only 6.5???? scares me...so this will be a small play, and i will tease it down to a pk, with lsu up to 9.5, and over 48 lsu, and over 45 boise..its on late the line is the only thing making me not bet this more,. sounds weird huh?...i have told people this for yrs, situations like this..if the line was 9 or 10 id bet it more..but it only being 6 scares me..most people never understand that..lol been around this stuff a long time... gl all 151 anyone has anything to share on this game let me know it goes off late so may add 151

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