btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
On 09/03/2011 03:46 PM in NCAA Football

How Bout that Auburn Ending

Onside kick and take it to down to the goal. Thats gotta hurt

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bobalou Posts:5404 Followers:148
09/03/2011 03:49 PM

Good excitement for opening weekend :)

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marksmoneymakers Posts:29758 Followers:142
09/03/2011 03:50 PM

Didn't bet the game but was pulling hard for the major upset. These smaller school are showing up today. They are not afraid of the big boys anymore. What do they really have to lose? Great first Saturday of the year so far.

jimmythegreek Posts:12637 Followers:392
09/03/2011 04:06 PM

Going to be tough for Auburn with the departure of Newton and several other key starters. Knew both defeses could be tested today, and cashed the over easily for the game and second half. Great finish but Tigers are awfully lucky to salvage a win.

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jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
09/03/2011 04:17 PM

Auburn basicly sucked on both sides of the ball.

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bill2266 Posts:1089 Followers:20
09/03/2011 05:09 PM

Utah State had the big upset, only if they got that offside kick

151rum Posts:908 Followers:13
09/03/2011 06:58 PM

that onside kick was a terrible play by utah st, they shoulda won that game outright..they drove up and down the feild on auburn all day, someone was suppose to block that guy..and it killed my 2nd half utah i pushed because of that :) gl all 151

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