iwutitan Posts:404 Followers:5
On 12/07/2011 08:14 AM in NCAA Football

Started capping bowls...

So far the two that stand out are Northwestern +9 and ML and Wyoming +7 and ML. Both are teams that should care about a bowl win more and, at least to me, are the better teams in each game. Thoughts?

jimmythegreek Posts:12648 Followers:392
12/07/2011 09:17 AM

I know it's a bit early for me to look at the overall list of 35. However by the weekend I should have some insight and plays I like. The least prestigious and earlier bowls are the ones we focus on early with plenty of money to make out there.

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flyfishingfool Posts:55 Followers:4
12/07/2011 10:38 PM

I started working on the list and agree on Wyoming. I think there are some great matchups this year. Watch uga, vandy, miss st. Ohio st, bama, boise, Illinois, cal, ok st.

Think these were high up in confidence board for me. Will report more later.