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On 12/04/2011 11:40 AM in NFL

Bookies Battle the Points Spread, Week#13

And here we go for week 13 of the Bookies Battle!

Last week, Graham Perry of the Eldorado had an amazing week, going 11-4! 6 Bookies had a 10-5 record on the week. Cavin Kishi slipped a little going 7-8,but still maintains a share of the lead at 101-74. Here are your leaders:

CAVIN KISHI, Monte Carlo, last week, 7 – 8, overall, 101 – 74; SEA BUF KC OAK PIT BAL NYJ ATL TB NO MIN SF DAL GB NE JAC and Best Bet is SF

JACK FROST, Harrah’s, last week 10 – 5, overall 101 – 74; SEA BUF KC MIA CIN CLE WAS ATL CAR DET DEN STL ARI GB IND JAC and Best Bet is JAC

JOE PORRELLO, Cannery, last week 7 – 8, overall 99 – 76; SEA TEN KC MIA CIN BAL NYJ ATL TB NO DEN STL ARI NYG NE JAC and Best Bet is ATL

CONSENSUS, last week 7 – 8, overall 90 – 86; SEA BUF KC OAK CIN BAL NYJ ATL CAR NO DEN STL ARI NYG IND SD. The top Consensus pick is the Atlanta Falcons with 46 Bookies making the Dirty Birds their top play.

The Top Bookies all are picking the Jacksonville Jaguars, whereas the Consensus has picked the San Diego Super Chargers.

The top Best Bet is the Denver Tebows, with 12 Bookies making them their Best Bet this week!

Lots of line changes to consider this week: Bookies picked the Steelers at –7.5(it’s now –6.5); They picked the ATL/HOU game at HOU-1.5(and that game is now ATL-1.5; They picked the CAR/TB game at TB-3.5(it’s now CAR-1.5); Saints game was picked at –6.5(it’s now –9); Bookies picked the DEN/MIN game at MIN-1.5(and now that game is DEN-1.5); and finally they picked the Cowboys game at DAL-6.5(and that game is now DAL-4.5)