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My $0.02

my 2 cents, the flow of the site is messy and there's a lot of wasted real estate. Not sure if you are saving that for advertising or what. But again, i'll say it one last time, it's too messy, too clumsy and too white.

I like the idea bang, but it needs some tweaks.

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09/03/2011 01:39 PM

I assume you mean the right and left side? The reason you see white is probably you have a high resolution monitor. Unfortunately not everyone does so we cant make it too wide or people will have to scroll left/right etc.. We are going to make some style changes this month to make it load faster and better for mobile phones. Lots more coming as well as its not a finished product. Appreciate the comments

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09/03/2011 02:06 PM

Rome certainly was not built in a day, but I can honestly say for the first week most of the bugs the forum mentioned were quickly corrected. I look forward to all of the upcoming additions and are appreciative that the forum core has given it's suggestions to Ryan for the tech staff to handle. Great job!

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    DITTO DITTO DITTO - I honestly feel if we give the techies a little time all our suggestions will be fixed/applied or reasoned out. The tweaks have been very quick in coming and knowing some of the great additions that are on the way I really think the finish product will WELL BE WORTH THE WAIT! In my humble opinion.

    I just wish we were able to set our personal time zones... I keep messing up with all this eastern times TRUST ME ... that's just a "ME THING" I am not asking for a tweak or a fix here - I have the same trouble with the books and the pacific time so it's nothing new to me LOL

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