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On 11/28/2011 09:35 PM in NFL

Thanksgiving at the Spooky Mansion. BAMBAM!!

SPOOKY-wanted to swing by and say I had a Blast hanging with the family, CoolBLUE and Your Wise self. Gotta see the Super Sensei in action. and bring home Stanford and Usc. Just awesome. Thanks for the great times and bullshitting memories. Hope u enjoyed the great eats. Cuz i officially will feel bloated for the next few weeks. or until i get into the gym again. So dam cold in the Bay. I know its late But I had NY GIANTS +7.5. BAMBAM. told u my sick theory yesterday b4 i left so u can confirm. Haha thanks again and dont forget to feed the redhead cranes for CoolBLUE. BAM til we meet again my friend. DONORMAN