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OK I know I am prejudice but I'd like to think I can be open minded when it comes to LSU or SEC football.

You guys know I am a die-hard LSU/ARK/SEC fan. I am a transplanted Razorback in Tiger country and I have always pulled for my beloved Razorbacks except when they play LSU of course.

OK here is my thing... I KNOW Football is often played with a great deal of emotion. But at at time when the sport needs all the good press it can get (after the Penn State and Syracuse crap making the news almost daily) I have a real issue and lost all respect I ever had for Pertrino (Arkansas's Coach) when he pointed across the field and Said F**K You Les not only once but twice. AND ON NATIONAL TV... Just what football fans and these young men needed to see.

OH Yeah I know it was an emotional moment but come on... I agree with the announcers until the BCS changes things teams/coaches have to go for style points to keep getting the votes. It's not enough to just win anymore, (Ask Houston or Boise or teams that have been slighted in the past due to conferences or schedules or the fact they never blew out the other guy). What did he expect LSU to do - roll over because they were winning? I just don't get it.

Then to make matters worse he refused to speak to Les Miles after the game. Crap he barely shook his hand. OK if he was at all embarrassed about what he did (he had to of seen it several times on the big screens at the game... I know I did) If he was embarrassed at all shouldn't he of taken the mid-field moment to say sorry - my emotions got the best of me? BUT NO he just acted a fool.... THEN... in the after conference (at least according to our local sport caster) Petrino stated that 'if any questions were made in reference to his actions he would get up and leave'. Continued by saying 'This conference is about the game and the players'. DOESN'T HE KNOW that HE is a part of that team and should be setting an example?

OK I know this is a silly matter but I just had to vent. I think what he did was totally wrong, rude and if it was in the NFL he would fined big time just for being a BUTT!

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11/26/2011 05:20 PM

whatever happened to sportsmanship? Lost these days, I remember growing up if we scored a touchdown or whatever our coach always told act like you did it before. Guys get a first down these days in the first quarter and they are celebrating like they won the superbowl...anyway maybe little off topic but really people need to learn how to act

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