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On 11/25/2011 07:48 AM in NCAA Football

ncaa football week thirteen

One Unit Plays (29-27)(-1.05 units)
Two Unit Plays (15-15)(-8.30 units)
Three Unit Plays (12-13)(-7.20 units)

Overall Record (56-55)(-16.55 units)

9-0 picking up 16 units last week. Cut my deficit in half. I was nearly down 50 units and ready to quit a few weeks ago. Passed on the Thursday game. Here is what I got for Friday

FRIDAY COLLEGE FOOTBALL…..headed to work, no write-ups

Houston -3 vs. Tulsa (three unit best bet)
Louisville +3½ (-125) vs. S Florida (two unit play)…..bought half point
Arkansas +12½ vs. LSU (two unit play)

TWO TEAM TEASE (three unit best bet) risking 3 units to win 4½ units)

Nebraska -2½ vs. Iowa
Pittsburgh +13½ vs. West Virginia
Penn State +21½ vs. Wisconsin (Saturday)

Back late tonight or early Saturday morning with more plays.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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11/26/2011 09:05 AM

Yesterday I won my three unit play and split my two 2 unit plays for a profit of 2.80 units. Also hit the first two legs of a three team teaser and waiting on Penn State for a nice pickup of 4.5 units if they are good getting 21½ points. Should be a winner.

Here are the rest of Saturdays plays.

Penn State +14½ vs. Wisconsin (three unit best bet)…………I already have this on a tease getting 21½ , so you may wonder why I just don’t leave it alone. Because I really love this game. Penn State should be falling apart with what is going on with them, but they are not. Wisconsin only blew out one good team this year in Nebraska. PSU is very physical defensively and their defense alone is going to cover this spread. Penn State just finds ways to keep games close. Although there is certainly the potential for a blow out, I don’t see it. We all made fun of PSU’s offense early in the year, but even though not explosive, they are moving the chains. I just don’t see this one losing . I put this bet in as soon as I saw the line thinking it would go way down, but it has not. I love the half point as well, but I don’t think we will need it. Wisconsin 24-17.

Wyoming +34½ vs. Boise State (three unit best bet)……….Wyoming continues having a solid season and to give them almost five touchdowns is a joke. Unless everything goes wrong for them and everything goes right for Boise, mark this one up a winner. This is not the same super dominating Boise team we have seen in recent years. I love this one.

Florida St -3 vs. Florida (two units)……..both teams are having disappointing seasons, but I think that is more true of Florida. But to me Florida St is the better team and has much more talent and potential. The only thing stopping me from making this a three unit best bet is it is at Florida and the FSU has a hard time winning there. Not this year.

Northwestern +7 (-130) vs. Michigan State (two units)….. (bought one point)…..For starters MSU is already playing in the conference championship game. I am not saying they don’t care about this game, that would be stupid, but they won’t be up for this one as much as if they needed the win to get there. Northwestern has been on fire. They have been able to throw the ball all year when their QB has been healthy, but their defense has costs them games. From out of nowhere, they have found a defense. I can guarantee you that Mich St is nervous about this one. A definite upset is possible here.

Auburn +21 vs. Alabama (one unit)…………Anything can happen when these two play. Strictly playing this because where they game is at. These games are usually close and Auburn has won their share of them, so give me the three TD’s and I will take my chances.

S Carolina -4 vs. Clemson (one unit)…………Taking SEC over ACC and the home team. No other real reasons behind this one.

That is all for now. I am off work today, so I might add a few more later one. I want to take a look at some hoops as well.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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11/26/2011 09:47 AM


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