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On 11/24/2011 09:04 AM in NFL

The Top Dog's Turkey Day picks

I have been reading all over the internet how GB will beat up on DET and how because CAROLINA put up 30’some points on DET then that must mean that GB will put up at least 40-50. I think these people need their heads examined. I look at it the opposite way. I personally think that DET looked past CAR and if you go back to the CHI game, the DET D only allowed 1 offensive TD. I think GB will control the clock and I think DET will use a little more of the run with Kevin Smith to slow down the game and keep Rogers off the field. I also think you can take at least 1 TD off the board for DET because Stafforrd is bound to throw a INT inside the red zone. My fantasy points go to THE UNDER!

I don’t know how to go on this game so im staying away from it. I think MIAMI is a hot team but they are playing DAL on Turkey day! Cant play it.

San Fran has shown they are for real and traveling west coast to east coast doesn’t phase them. BALT is 5-0 at home and SF is 4-0 on the road. Baltimore is banged up on defense and Ray Lewis will be a game time decision. Being from Baltimore, I want to say that the Ravens will win on Turkey Day but lets face it, they struggle against the NFC West. They lost to Seattle, struggled against Arizona and of course they did beat up on the Rams but that isn’t saying much. Im going to stay away from the side and play the over here.