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I highly endorse, recognize and appreciate all of the participation for the veterans and even newer players that take part in our contests. If you are a constant poster and know a lot about sports, don't hesitate nor be shy to share your opinions with the core forum here at BTB. Especially if you are a new handicapper that just signed up, and believe me with the College Bowl season and NFL playoffs nearing, as well as CBB taking full swing we are going to hear from a lot of new people in the upcoming weeks.

Post your plays in the original sports threads, on the YTD sports trackers to see how you're doing or in the Mark's Moneymakers contest threads. If you contribute at the minimum amount of posts plus make a name for yourself, get recognized, the rewards are endless. Also be sure to follow Spooky on the spooky express for countless amounts of sports information as well as plays from one of the very best in sports handicapping for several decades now. Take advantage of contests to win some holiday freeplays that can come in handy this time of year.

Nobody does it better here like Ryan and the BTB forum. So I once again thank the mods, veterans and newbies here at the forum making this place what it is today. Those who know friends who are into sports and would like to share their thoughts and opinions, pass the word along as the more cappers that join the merrier as we head towards the holiday season!

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