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On 09/03/2011 08:52 AM in NCAA Football


WELL ITS OFFICIAL!..im a addict :)
i swear i study way too much and find some edge in every damn game..lol anyway here again is a rundown of my day today

str up 3 stars...n.western+3
3 stars..over 56 ole miss/byu
ole miss+3 ...2 stars
houston-3 2 stars
ohio-7 1 star
s.fla+10.5 1 star
boise st-3 1.5 stars

1st half plays wich i have been doing well at
over 30.5 houston
over 28.5 ole miss
parlays...n.western/ole miss....ole miss/houston-2.5/and ohio-7

teasers..ole miss+9 over 51.....
boise st+3/col st+.5n.west+9.5....
fresno st+16.5/ball st+12.5/e.car+27.5/s fla+17/ohio-.5/....
and knowing me as the day goes ill be finding something else or increasing wagers...lol
gl all 151 hope everyone does well even if i dont

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