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On 09/02/2011 10:06 PM in NCAA Football

TCU/Baylor 2nd Half

Well this game is not going as I expected...lots of good plays on special teams, ad neither defense is doing as well as I expected.

Now with all that shit said into a megaphone, this is what I am going to do and why.

I am taking TCU -3½ as I think they are gettinf their asses handed to them in the locker room as we speak. TCU is a much better team than they are showing right now.

I am taking the under 28½ since I think that BOTH defenses are getting their respective asses handed to them on the locker room. Neither "D" line has really been good, and both can do better. The other thing is the fact if one was to take the over in the second half, it would be so far off the total score that Vegas set for the game.....I don't play that far off the line on second half plays unless I see some team really blowing out another...and I don't see that here.

My plays...take 'em if you like but that's my thought on the second half.

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