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Travers day write up and picks

Ok.... Biggest day of year coming up at Saratoga. Not the highest paying race, but most prestigious .
I have not posted all year due to new rules about office computer use and a lost iPad at home .....ha! To be honest I have not been doing so hot betting the horses. The meet has been very very horses are coming in 1st n 3rd w exacta boxes or 2nd n 3rd and the ones I have hit are small. I will not post horses to just post horses...not what I would do with people's money.

I will have a write up coming soon for the entire card.

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08/22/2014 08:31 PM

I spent 4 hours on Thursday handicapping the entire day and I felt I found 3 good long shots to use but folks it had been raining off and on since Wednesday night late. The track will be hard pressed to be in "good" condition. There are 7 turf races and I will be shocked if 3 or 4 are not taken off and out on dirt. 2 are maiden turf so they will be off.

I will not post my picks because it will be very difficult to pick horses tomorrow based on past performances. Just impossible.

I will give a Travers call here.

Story for you here...... The liquor store owner here in Saratoga had to order 6 cases of Dom Perrigon for the owner of Tonalist... Special order n shipped Fed ex. What will they tell you .
Tonalist killed field in Peter Pan stakes at Belmont in the slop

The track will not be fast,. It will be almost impossible to close on the track. Soooooo Tonalist will be a big bet for me.

Bayern comes in off of 2 crushing wins, but both surfaces were fast n I am not a big believer in Haskell winners going in Travers. Monmouth is a speed track n he is a speed horse. Verrexano smoked field last year n didn't come in money in Travers stakes.

Wicked Strong is a good good horse who I think found his stride. On a dry track I think he wins. Wet track not so sure.

Kid Cruz is the youngest horse of the big named horses and he came back after rating to catch 3rd. I was using him in exotics on dry track, not any more.

VE Day is my long shot. 3 wins in a row, romped in slop at Belmont n won on dry track here at the Spa. Very interesting horse who catches leading jockey Javier Costellano n red hot trainer Jerkens. I would have no problem going for odds w this horse especially in exotics.

Race 13. Invading humor. I know the owner, he gave me this horse past two outing n he won paying 38.80. .... $18.60.... He is now 3-1 morning line n he says he is ready to run IF it stays on turf. We shall see.

Sorry about write up but I won't throw picks up here just to say I posted picks. Tmrw will be a tough day with scratches n surface changes. I am Getting there at 9 am.

Good luck.

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08/23/2014 10:55 AM

I am here at the races n the track is is good shape w all races on turf....
I will post quickly some picks I have.
Race 1 box 8-7-4
Maiden race do go easy

Race 2 box 2-4-9.
Another maiden so go easy

Race 3 box 1-6-7. 1 horse is good odds

Race 4 box 8-7-6
Another Maiden so easy wager

Race 5
8-7-5. Like the 6 for 3rd in exotics

Race 6 3-4-11. Like 11 for a bomb

Race 7
Box 4-9-2. Long shots here. Lets hope

Race 8 9-3-2

Race 9 4-7--2

Race 10. 1-2-7 7 is a good horse with two troubled trips. Could be winner.

Race 11. 3-5-1

Race 12. Travers.
6--7--4--2 yes 4 horse box
Like 6 win

Race 13. 3-7-4

Race 14 10-4-5

Pick 4 races 11-14

$1 All/6/3/All

Good luck if you follow

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08/25/2014 06:30 PM

Thanks, dietz.............beautiful area there, Saratoga. Was there 2 weeks ago

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08/25/2014 08:26 PM

Hope you had a good time Hitman. It is so much fun...atmosphere alone is great!!
Hope some people made money Saturday... Tough start but good finish.