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i'm just not over analyzing the previous game with minny being close when picking gb -13 tonight. gb can and will run up the score tonight. rodgers is on a high so far this season that even peyton hasn't experienced. he's crushing records and we're they're only 8 games in. we're in lambeau field tonight playing a mediocre dome team with an inexperienced qb. ponder has to show me a lot more than a couple decent outings to convince me he's not taking credit for ap's success. sure, there's a chance that gb won't cover tonight but i'm confident that it'll be if they don't, it will be solely because ap can't be stopped. i'm banking on my hunch that ap runs out of gas well before rodgers and company does...

gl all!

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11/14/2011 08:21 PM

that read like i'm drunk. lol