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On 06/10/2014 04:53 PM in MLB

tuesday bases

SINGLE (58-87)(-33.60)
DOUBLE (14-7)(+13.29)
TRIPLE (3-5)(-7.59)
HOMERUN (2-2-1)(-0.72)
OVERALL (77-101-1)(-28.62)

1-3 dropping 2.00 units yesterday. So close to that 30 unit mark where I quit. Here are Tuesday's plays. Hopefully I will be back Wednesday with more.

San Diego -103 vs Phillies (homerun).............The only thing the phils have going for them in this one is they are at home and more than likely they will get booed for playing like a bunch of old men again. So much value with Kennedy over Burnett as well. Love this one as my phillies lose again.

Toronto -156 vs Minnesota (triple)...........was going to play the runline here, but got burnt last night with the Jays only winning by one. I am shocked this line is not higher than it is.

St Louis -133 vs Tampa Bay (double)
White Sox +133 vs Detroit (single)

The last couple of times I played one of each catagory, I think I have done well. Good Luck Everybody!!