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Los Angeles vs. NY Rangers, 06/09/2014 20:00
Money Line: -125 NY Rangers

Triple 5* Monday has 3 Perfect league wide MLB Systems, 2 are totals that both averages over 11 runs per game. The side is a road warrior that wins by 3 runs per game. Big 6* Cashes on Miami on Sunday. Monday NHL Play below.

The NHL Play is on The NY. Rangers. Game 56 at 8:05 eastern. The Rangers have led just about every minute in regulation in the series but return home after a pair of disappointing losses. In NHL History Three teams have lost Games 1-2 of a best-of-7 NHL Finals on the road but won the series: the 1971 Montreal Canadiens over the Chicago Blackhawks; the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins over the Detroit Red Wings; the 2011 Boston Bruins over the Vancouver Canucks. So the series can still be competitive and the Rangers should be energized by what will be a raucous crowd. The historical grid below shows that Game 3 teams off back to back road losses tend to bounce back. New York knows the importance of this game and will primed for a complete 60 minute effort and get one back here at home tonight. Look for the Rangers to win game 3. On Monday we have 3 Big MLB Plays up all are from Perfect league wide systems direct from the MLB Database. Two are totals that are averaging over 11 runs. MLB Cashing big again this season, our top 6* NBA play cashes with Miami. Jump on now and Start the week big. For the Free NHL Game 3 play take The NY. Rangers. RV

Ignoring win order; considering site order: The team leading 2-games-nil with site order HH (Los Angeles) has the following best-of-7 playoff series and games record through the 2014 NHL and NBA Semifinals rounds:
series record, all best-of-7 sports, all rounds: 473-53 (.899)
series record, all best-of-7 sports, Finals round: 86-13 (.869)
series record, NHL only, all rounds: 222-30 (.881)
series record, NHL only, Finals round: 32-3 (.914)
Game 3 record, NHL only, all rounds: 130-122 (.516)
Game 3 record, NHL only, Finals round: 15-20 (.429

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