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On 06/03/2014 03:02 PM in MLB

tuesday bases

SINGLE (54-79)(-29.71)
DOUBLE (13-6)(+12.88)
TRIPLE (3-4)(-4.59)
HOMERUN (2-2-1)(-0.72)
OVERALL (72-91-1)(-22.14)

2-2 dropping 0.60 units. I can live with that since I lost my four unit play.

NY Mets +107 vs Cubs (triple)..............Feel like the Mets should be favored.

Phillies +165 vs Washington (single).......phils seem to win games when you give them no chance and always lose games they should win.

Baltimore +101 vs Texas (single).............just a gut feeling.

That is all. Too many midrange favs that I like today, so I am not going to fall for it. Good Luck Everybody!!