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nfl week ten

One Unit Plays (14-8)(+5.10 units)
Two Unit Plays (7-7)(-1.40 units)
Three Unit Plays (8-14)(-16.80 units)

Overall Record (29-29)(-13.10 units)


This week really scares me. Feels like every line is three. Feels like just about every game could go either way. Feels like except for Green Bay and maybe San Diego, any team can get a win this week…..even the Colts. SCARY WEEK. Not reading anything again and just going with my gut.


San Diego -7 vs. Oakland (one unit)…………Simply an action play. Not going to pass up a Thursday night NFL game. Oakland just looks lost without their QB and running back. San Diego is as streaky of an NFL team you can get…..especially Rivers. Rivers came around last week and I look for that to continue. The Chargers will get their share of points. Their defense scares me though. If I lose this bet it will be because their defense…not the offense and Phillip Rivers.


Miami -4 vs. Washington (3 unit best bet)…………..OMG! Have I lost my mind? (don’t answer that). Now that Miami has ruined my hopes of getting Stanford’s QB, I might as well root for them to win. They finally won a game. They might be the best one win team in the league. They have played teams tough recently only to lose in the fourth quarter and finally last week put it all together. The fish have showed pride all season long and now they have a game where they are expected to win. I will buy into it. Not thrilled to death about Miami’s QB, but his name is not Henne and that is all that matters. Washington looks like a team that has given up playing against a team who has not. Miami should win by at least seven points.

Pittsburgh -3 (-120) vs. Cincinnati (3 unit best bet)………….Pittsburgh costs me big time last week, but I am coming right back with them again this week. I guess you need to give Cincy a ton of credit for not sucking this year, but they really not have played a very tough schedule and it may come back to haunt them this week. Many people considered Pittsburgh the team to beat in the AFC going into last week. This is still the same team. They will come out this week more focused than every and in a business like manor take care of the suddenly over-rated Bengals. Might not be pretty, but they get it done.

New England +1½ vs. Jets (two units)…………Funny how people are off New England and on the Jets again. The first part of the season everybody had New England going 16-0 or 15-1, while the Jets just sucked. Pats might lose, but you always get an effort from them and they are always in the game. With the Jets you never know what you are going to get. These two don’t like each other and it should be close. I don’t like the Jets QB and I think he has a bad game here and does something that directly leads to a Pats score and win. Just a feeling here and I am going with it.

Kansas City -3 (-125) vs. Denver (two units)……………Another line based on last weeks results and an over reaction to them. Kansas City who had a nice winning streak loses to the hapless Dolphins and the sorry of an excuse for an NFL team Broncos pound the Oakland Raiders. Not falling for it. Tebow will make his share of costly mistakes while maybe running for a touchdown or two and Denver will end up on the losing side again. Back to normal this week.

Cleveland -3 (+100) vs. St Louis (one unit)………….Just simple logic here. St Louis is horrible and on the road, while Cleveland is young and getting better all the time. If Cleveland wants to get their team back again to where they used to be, they must win games like this.

Dallas -5½ vs. Buffalo (one unit)………….go ahead and mark this one as a loser already. Every time I take Dallas thinking this is the game they put it together, they don’t show up. I am not afraid of Buffalo on the road. If Dallas plays like they are capable of, they should win by at least seven.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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11/10/2011 12:50 PM

THANKS FOR THE GREAT WRITE-UPS MARK !!! GL with your picks this weekend as well as tonight !!!!

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11/10/2011 05:13 PM

Every time I take the Dolphins at home they kick me in the balls