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NFL Week 9 through the eyes of an ordinary bettor

The Dolfan contingent want the “Suck for Luck” campaign to continue. The players aren’t obliging.

The Dolphins weren’t going to let this one slip away. Hell, they didn’t even let K.C. score after the field goal in the first.

I’m not surprised Miami got its first win. The Chiefs were coming off an emotional week with short rest and prep. I’m just surprised how efficient the win was. And to think all it took was a football fired at the face of Vontae Davis. Nothing like teammate-on-teammate violence to bring a locker room together.

Chalk it up as another one of those stories bettors would have loved to know all the juicy details about before kickoff, right fellas?

Chad Henne’s injury was a blessing in disguise. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Matt Moore is better than Checkdown Chad.

If the Dolphins don’t win the Luck sweepstakes then they’ve got a competent quarterback in house. Miami’s protection hasn’t been good this season but Moore has mobility to elude pressure. His passing improves as chemistry with his teammates improves.

And who would’ve guessed, Reggie Bush is finally pulling the weight of that contract. He’s looked more determined the last two weeks than he’s looked the last two years. When Daniel Thomas is back to full health this will be a solid one-two, power-speed punch.

This team hasn’t been discouraged by the tough losses. It hasn’t been distracted by the tanking talk. Tony “Da Godfadda” Sparano has these guys competing every week, and they’re getting better by the week.

I’m guessing there’s going to be value with the Phins until they get a few more wins. Anyone else ready to ride the aqua wave?

Overtime killer

When you’ve got points in your pocket heading to overtime, the percentages are in your favor.

But they didn’t play out two weeks ago for USC backers. And if you were holding a field goal with the Rams, you were left holding nothing but frustration after that debacle.

The punt sailed through the air and Peterson drifted back. The five, the four, the three…surely he’s not going to try and return this. This isn’t LSU son. You put your foot on the five and don’t catch the ball if you take one step back.

Apparently Patty P doesn’t care. All he was thinking about was that end zone. This kid is going through his growing pains as a corner but he is dynamic returning kicks. Not Devin Hester level yet, but maybe soon.

Runnin’ Bucs wild

I made bet the Bucs-Saints under this week because I expected both teams to try and run the ball more than usual.

LeGarrette “Rolla” Blount was my first tipoff. He was pumped about returning from injury as the feature back and spilt the beans. He said he expected a bigger role in the offense, which his head coach might have told him.

You see, Raheem Morris hasn’t been exactly pleased with the play of Josh Freeman this season.

Morris recently said his quarterback was relying on his arm too much, wasn’t going through his progressions and wasn’t checking down enough. He joked that Freeman must have drafted himself in fantasy because he was trying to force throws that weren’t there. Too much confidence was his prognosis.

How do you curb that confidence? Take the ball out of Freeman’s hands. Tampa didn’t have a ton of carries Sunday but I think we’ll see a more controlled offense from this team going forward, which could lend to more unders.

The Saints were eager to run this week because the Bucs can’t stop the run, and it offsets the problems on the line. EZ Brees has thrown a lot of picks because he doesn’t have time in the pocket.

But Brees wasn’t sacked once Sunday. Sean Payton called for runs when Tampa called for pressure. When the rookie gets healthy, the Saints will have four capable backs to hand off to, and that’s scary.

To catch, or not to catch, that is the question

I’m beyond confused so I ask again, will someone clarify the “Calvin Johnson” rule for me. As a bettor I want to know when I've gotten screwed and when I got a break. It helps me sleep at night. I can't get that relief if I don't understand a rule.

Hines Ward makes a grab, gets popped, falls to the ground and they call it a catch. Ravens challenge, it’s overturned. Pitt has to settle for a field goal instead of going for it on fourth-and-inches.

How many seconds does a receiver have to be on the ground to complete the catch? Hines clearly had possession when his butt and back hit the ground, and then Bernard Pollard dislodged it.

Of course this would’ve been moot had Hines not been concussed. It should’ve either been a catch or a helmet-to-helmet hit on Ray Lewis.

The rules brain trust better get this shit straight during the offseason because the inconsistency is ridiculous. And every bad call is even more infuriating when it affects your bankroll.

Lean on me

Texans -3 at Bucs - I’m impressed that Houston has played so well without its two superstars.

Patriots +1 at Jets - I just don’t see how Brady and the boys lose three in a row.

Giants +3 ½ at Niners - Need to find out about key injuries before making a bet but NY could win this one outright.