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monday college hoops

I know it is early, but I love college hoops and there is no way I can do as bad in hoops as I am in football this year, so I think I will jump in early. I will use the same format in hoops as I do football for my betting with one, two and three unit plays.

One Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)
Two Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)
Three Unit Plays (0-0)(even units)

Overall Record (0-0)(even units)

William & Mary +8 vs. St Johns (one unit)………..It is too easy to take big name teams vs. these small name teams early in the year, especially when the line is a single digit. St Johns really has nothing coming back from last season. I just don’t see them putting it together tonight and running away with this game. Bill & Mary last season early in November only lost at Syracuse by three, so I think they can hang with St Johns.

Valparaiso +13½ vs. Arizona (one unit)………..I am taking this one again simply because it is a dog vs. a big name team and I think early on this is the way to go. I also read a quote from Arizona’s coach who said he was not happy with how his team looked and if they did not get better they could lose their opener. That could just be a ploy to fire up his team, but I don’t think a coach would say that if he did not know there was something wrong. They might just be happy to get a win under their belts.

I could be wrong of course, but I don’t see any worse than a split tonight. I will be happy with a split, just want to get my feel wet and get a feel for hoops. I am going to start looking more at hoops and less and football.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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Just testing something. Ignore this.

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I am finally able to post. I tried to post this before work today, but could not post. I just now was able to post, that is why the one game started already.

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Good luck Mark...glad it's finally here

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