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On 03/26/2014 09:00 PM in NCAA Basketball


Old Dominion vs. Fresno State, 03/26/2014 22:00
Under 134/-105
Units: 3 of 10

monday 0-2 -5.25 units totals so far 41-29 +28.42 units

hi everyone got 1 late game tonight so here goes

fresno st under 134 you got 1 team going from east to west and both can play some defense so this looks like a good under.it is funny over-under have not been a stong suit for me in the past but i dont think i have missed one in the madness yet hope i dont jinx myself tonight.good luck everyone

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03/26/2014 09:05 PM

i lost a over on kansas so i cant jinx myself i can just lose.lolol